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6 Things You Should Know About Me Before Casting Your Ballot: No. 6 of 6

FULL TIME & FAIR – If elected, I will wholly dedicate myself as a FULL-TIME Magisterial District Judge, without secondary employment. It is important to me to not only maintain the integrity of the office, but also ensure continuity of the current staff and evening hours for accessibility. As a candidate for Magisterial District Judge, I vow to never pre-judge an individual, as I myself have experienced all too often throughout this campaign. I will be a devoted and impartial servant to the community, ensuring that each individual case is heard fully and objectively, with decisions made based on the facts presented.

I believe that everyone is entitled to the right to be heard, and that it is a fundamental element of a fair and impartial justice system. Your right to be heard is important to not only the justice system, but the election process as well. I encourage you to let your voice be heard by voting on Tuesday, November 7th, and if the above points resonated with you, I kindly request your thoughtful consideration for Magisterial District Judge.


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