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Addressing Accusations

It has come to my attention that some very serious accusations, including misconduct, bribery and corruption, are being directed at me and my character, after simply being referenced in an article surrounding the power plant’s injunction case. It would not be proper for a judicial candidate to comment on or discuss specifics of pending litigation. Therefore, I will transparently say this as it relates to myself only – I was present during yesterday’s hearing due to a subpoena to testify as the former Springdale Borough Council President. While I was fully prepared to testify if called upon and took off work to attend, I was not called upon and was dismissed from testifying.

On a separate (but related) note, I am not sure if folks know where I reside -- I live on lower Porter, directly across the street from the former power plant site. The fence is quite literally 300 feet from my front door and what I see when I look outside every day. What happens to this plant directly impacts me and my family, along with you all. I would never do anything to undermine the legitimacy and safety of this process.

I encourage you to continue to follow along with this case in full, before jumping to conclusions or pointing fingers. It is alarming when individuals are so quick to make such defamatory judgments without knowing the full story, and as a candidate for Magisterial District Judge, I vow to never pre-judge an individual, as I myself have experienced all too often throughout this campaign. With that said, I will not let these unfounded accusations deter my efforts and I will continue to march onward with respect and positivity at the forefront of my campaign. Have a great evening everyone, and see you on the campaign trail!


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