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Announcement of Candidacy

My name is Mitchell Karaica and I am running for Magisterial District Judge for District Court 05-3-03. The District includes Cheswick Borough, Frazer Township, Harmar Township, Springdale Borough and Springdale Township. I will be seeking the nomination of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

I have been married to my wife Dianne Zurisko Karaica for 17 years. Dianne and I were born and raised in the Magisterial District, Dianne in Springdale, myself in Cheswick. We are both graduates of Springdale High School. I have lived in the Cheswick/Springdale area for all but 3 years of my life. Dianne and I moved to a different community about 12 years ago and truly missed our hometown. Fortunately, we came to our senses and moved back to Springdale. We missed the people and the sense of pride that comes with being a DYNAMO!

I have been a member of IBEW Local 29 for the past 25 years. I started my career working for Duquesne Light at the Cheswick Power Station. I currently work for Genon Energy at the Brunot Island Power Station in Pittsburgh. I am a Power Plant Technician and work as a Control Room Operator. During my career, I have held multiple appointed and elected positions in my Union. These positions have provided me with years of training in helping people and their families through issues at home and at work. In the community, I have served two separate terms on Springdale Borough Council, and I was President of Springdale Borough Council until my resignation in January of 2023. I also serve as Springdale Borough's representative on the Allegheny Valley Joint Sewage Authority. Dianne and I have donated our time and finances to many organizations over the years because we believe that our tight knit community always rallies around itself to do the right thing when it matters most.

If elected, I will be a FULL TIME District Judge and will dedicate myself to the position. I will continue to have evening hours to better serve our working families in our communities. I will be an impartial servant to the community. Dianne and I look forward to meeting and talking with you all during my run for Magisterial District Judge.


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