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Another great Saturday spent knocking doors!

Thank you to everyone who welcomed me at their doorstep and took time out of their day to speak with me. Your thoughtful consideration is so appreciated, especially as we continue to get closer to November 7th. Back in May, following the Primary, I vowed to continue giving it my all for the next six months, in hopes of being awarded the chance to give it my all for the next six years as Magisterial District Judge. Fast forward to today, I can hardly believe that those six months are almost up and that there are only 2 Saturdays left before Election Day! Between hitting the campaign trail after work on weekdays and dedicating weekends to covering more ground, the days have truly flown by…and there is no time for rest anytime soon! I am eager to continue working to earn your vote and excited to get back out in the community again tomorrow. See you around!


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