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Letter to the Editor dated 5/10

Thank you to Pamela Hauber for sharing some great facts in today’s Letter to the Editor. As an active member of our community that is so highly involved with the youth of our district, I am lucky to have you in my corner.

Both knowledge and character will be of the utmost importance in the next Magisterial District Judge. In neighboring districts, incumbent campaigns have slogans stating “there is no substitute for experience” and rightfully so, because these judges have served nearly 30 years performing the exact job at hand. In our district, we are not privileged to say this – neither candidate has done the job before, but as Pam mentions, both candidates will be fully qualified ahead of the general election and long before anyone is seated for the role in 2024. Your thoughtful consideration would be so appreciated!

To read Pam's full Letter to the Editor, click here


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