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More Than Just Qualifications on Paper

Yes, I am certifiably qualified… but if you ask me, written qualifications are only one piece of the puzzle. There is more to this role than academic knowledge, and fittingly enough, there is more to me than just qualifications on paper. I feel that having the character needed to uphold the integrity of the office and having an authentic commitment to the community are both equally essential to justly serving the District in this capacity, and that is why I am asking for your sincere consideration in the general election next month for Magisterial District Judge. Please find pictured (below) a letter of support from union attorney, Robert A. Eberle, Esq., which highlights some of the character traits and interpersonal qualities that I bring to the table as a candidate for Magisterial District Judge.

If I have not yet had the pleasure of speaking with you at your door, I hope to gain the opportunity as I continue to walk the District over the next few weeks. I would be so appreciative of your consideration on Tuesday, November 7th.


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