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Pausing Amid the Hustle

I can hardly believe that the primary election is only 25 days away! You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun…and, working hard! The past few months have been action packed and every show of support along the way has meant the world. I am honored to not only have received these 5 endorsements from organizations that connect to so many of our district’s residents in one way or another, but also to have received so many personal endorsements from residents themselves. From liking/sharing social media, promising a vote, or putting a sign in your yard, to talking with your friends, volunteering on the campaign trail, and contributing to campaign funds, I am forever thankful for your confidence in my candidacy for Magisterial District Judge. Our work isn’t over just yet, but I felt it necessary to pause for a moment amid all of the hustle to simply express my sincere thanks…now, full steam ahead for May 16th!


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