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Reminders of My Why

While out door-knocking on foot this week, I happened to pass by my parents’ old home, where I grew up, right here in the District. I spent most of my youth in this very spot, underneath what remains of this very basketball hoop…and I was quickly reminded exactly why I am running for Magisterial District Judge. This District is more than just where I call home. These streets are where I learned to ride a bike as a child, where my friends and I would play pick-up games as an adolescent, where I took up driving as a teen, where I started my career as a young adult, where I was introduced to my wife, and where we enjoy taking evening walks of the neighborhood together. The sincere safety and success of our community is of the utmost importance to me, because whether out on a casual walk with Dianne or more recently campaigning door to door, I see you and your families out in your yards, driveways, and street sidewalks doing the same things that myself and my wife grew up doing here as well. While some may poke fun at my passion for the community and question its relevance – there’s surely one thing you don’t have to question… and it’s my why. If elected, it would be my greatest honor to work with both the community and law enforcement to continue to safeguard these experiences and memories in the making for the residents of District 05-3-03…because home is more than just a place, it’s a feeling of safety and comfort.


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