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Stay Vigilant, Voters!

PSA: please be cautious of data that is being manipulated to fit campaign narratives as we continue to near the election. Not only do small datasets lead to skewed facts, but critical information is also being omitted. While it is true that a neighboring district of ours, 05-2-32 (Oakmont/Plum), is vacant, it is not shared that the seat was made available due to the retirement of Honorable Linda Zucco (non-attorney). In addition to this, there are several folks in the running for this vacant spot, majority of which, again, are not attorneys. I struggle to understand why this continues to be such a sticking point for my opposition, when first and foremost, being an attorney is NOT a requirement for the job in the state of Pennsylvania, but also because being an attorney is NOT the norm for the majority of currently sitting Magisterial District Judges in both Allegheny County and across the state of Pennsylvania. Regardless, I am more than glad to continue transparently painting the full picture for the public in order to make an informed decision next month, and I am willing to address this topic as many times as necessary. Stay vigilant, voters, and keep researching! This important decision is yours.


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