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Taking the high road...AGAIN.

In the days since a recent release was made, some ask me how I handle being disparaged by my opponent and why I don’t respond. Quite honestly, I am a professional who is running for impartial public office and I don’t find it appropriate to engage in the gossip-mongering, grumbling or unfounded finger-pointing. I will say one thing - take all the hits at me that you want… I signed myself up for that when I made the decision to run for political office, and sadly, it is not unusual in politics today – but don’t take it out on citizens who exercise their freedom of speech, simply because they don’t fall in your camp. While we don’t have control over comments the public makes or things the public does, we do have control over our own messaging. We are the professionals. We are the ones running for office, and we are the ones to be setting an example. Just as we would be tasked in the role of Magisterial District Judge, let’s let all voices be heard, stick to the facts and use sound reasoning when making decisions, rather than infringing upon the right to free speech, jumping to conclusions and making unsubstantiated accusations.

Now that I am specifically certified and qualified for the role, my character is all that remains for my opposition to go after. But, if you’d like to come to your own conclusions, please be sure to check out the rest of my website to learn more about me, what I stand for, and how I run my campaign - I think you will be pleased to find no evidence of a ‘smear campaign’ in any of my materials. Stay positive everyone and have a wonderful week!


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