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Thank You

26 votes. If that doesn’t reinforce that each and every vote counts, I don’t know what does. While it makes for a tough loss, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for all of the support not only yesterday, but throughout the past 10 months. I could not be more appreciative of everyone who showed up yesterday in favor of the Karaica campaign, whether live and in person or via mail-in ballot, and I am so incredibly thankful for my committee, friends and family, for all of the time and effort that they have put into this campaign with me, from the moment I announced my candidacy in February until the last ballot was counted last night. While it wasn’t the outcome we hoped for, it was a true fight to the very end, and I am so proud of the quality campaign that we conducted together. With that said, I would also like to acknowledge my respect for the Democratic system and the election process by extending congratulations to my opponent. While our campaigns were severely different, causing much polarization in the community, I look forward to us all returning to a sense of normalcy. Thank you again for the opportunity to have been a judicial candidate for District 05-3-03, and see you around town!

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