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The More You Know

With daylight savings now in full swing, I hope you all enjoyed the post 7 p.m. sunset yesterday as much as I did! While we excitedly continue to look toward the extended daylight hours with each coming day, it is quite timely, because there is a great deal of information that should be brought to light. As a candidate for Magisterial District Judge, I will never let my character of integrity falter and my campaign will always stick to the facts that are readily available to the public. Therefore, I can no longer sit back and watch critical information be omitted or misconstrued, and I feel an obligation to the voters to set the record straight. Time and time again, we hear about my opponent’s experience, but we are not given the full story. Pictured below are the facts and their sources.

Keeping with the theme, in the end, what happens in the dark will always come to light…and only you, the public, can determine who is best suited for the role! Count on Karaica for integrity, humility, and an impartial mindset, paired with a dedicated work ethic and demonstrated passion for serving the community.


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