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Transferrable Skills I've Acquired as a Union Representative

As I’ve briefly mentioned before, I have spent the last 20+ years as a Union Representative for IBEW Local 29. During this time, I’ve had the privilege of helping union members and their families to resolve issues that occur on the job and/or issues at home that have impacted their work, in both appointed and elected positions. These opportunities have allowed me to demonstrate and cultivate not only interpersonal skills such as attentive listening and trusted confidentiality, but also to hone applicable skillsets in fact finding, contract/law interpretation, and problem solving. Over the years, I’ve gained significant experience with contract disputes, contract negotiations and arbitration hearings. When I think about this experience as a Union Representative and the role of Magisterial District Judge, while there are many differences, I believe there are some relative parallels that could be drawn. From listening to fully understand the issue at hand, to reviewing and interpreting the applicable law/contract, to making a sound decision on how to proceed based on the facts available, these are things that both roles have in common. If elected to assume the position of Magisterial District Judge, these transferrable skillsets would prove to be of great benefit, in addition to the specific knowledge and certification that I will acquire through successful completion of the rigorous training program and examination administered by the Minor Judiciary Education Board.


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